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Data Breach Claims is currently compiling lists of individuals who have been victims of the same breaches. These lists will be looked at by a legal team, who will then decide if a Class Action or Group Litigation Order is appropriate.

We will notify you when we are able to pass your claim onto a legal team and of any steps you may need to complete.

Data Breach?

A data breach is when your personal information:

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has been leaked, or accessed without your permission

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Cash Award

You could be entitled up to £4,000 or more in compensation

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Dark Web & Breach Alerts

Over 7 million records are compromised every day. Being part of a breach or having your data exposed on the dark web happens to everybody including you. See what’s out there already, and get notified in future.

Protect My Privacy regularly searches the Dark Web for personal data that has been exposed in a breach; hacked, stolen, or just inadvertently made public by incompetent companies.


Awareness is key to mitigating the impact of being in a breach. You will probably have been in many breaches without knowing about it.

Protect My Privacy Help Desk 

If your data has been in a breach, Premium Subscribers have access to a 24/7/365 personal cybersecurity helpdesk (provided by partners CyberScout), who give pro-active guidance and advice to stay safe online, and includes personal identity theft insurance policy.

Protect My Privacy Dark Web Breach Claims 

Protect My Privacy makes it easy for you to make claims for selected infringements of data protection rights and legislation, by partnering with claim companies to make the actual claims.

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Social Media Privacy & Security

Easily review your social media security and privacy, disconnecting unknown apps or those with excessive permissions.

Social Media accounts are common attack surfaces for criminals, using them for social engineering and phishing purposes. Protect My Privacy helps you to improve your social media privacy and security.

Over sharing your personal data with 3rd parties is very common; most people do not realise that they have given away lots of personal data when logging into other sites with their social media accounts.

Protect My Privacy also triggers Subject Access Requests (SAR’s) for disconnected companies to find out how much data they really did harvest when you connected with them.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Instagram, Yahoo and more are being developed (over 20 services in this category).

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Retrieve and Delete Your Data

1,000’s of companies have your personal data. Make requests to retrieve your personal data, stop marketing, stop sharing or delete your data – in bulk, and with the backing of strong data protection legislation in many jurisdictions.

1,000’s of companies have your personal data. Using GDPR, CCPA or equivalent data protection legislation, Protect My Privacy allows you to effortlessly make requests.

You can ask thousands of companies to:

  • Send you all your Personal Data
  • Stop Marketing
  • Stop Sharing your Personal Data
  • Delete your Personal Data

Protect My Privacy can help you identify companies of interest by scanning your email and social media accounts, as well as conducting dark web searches.

Alternatively, you can manually select any of the 10,000+ companies in our database or add a new company.

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Identity Theft Protection & 24/7 Helpdesk

For any questions or worries you have about your personal data, get support for that extra peace of mind.

Protect My Privacy Premium offers a 24/7 helpdesk, with partners Cyberscout who are available to help you with any questions or worries you have about your personal data.

Identity theft protection is also included in Protect My Privacy Premium; provided at a far lower cost than is possible to obtain yourself.

With data breaches happening daily and over 4 billion accounts breached in H1 2019, running regular dark web checks will give you peace of mind and a course of action if you are a victim.

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Coming Soon (Android)

App Scan

See what permissions Apps have on your phone. With our Protect My Privacy Privacy Rating, you can easily decide whether to reduce access, or uninstall entirely, and see recommended alternatives.

The Protect My Privacy App Scan provides you with a Privacy Rating on the apps installed on your phone.

The Privacy Rating is unique to Protect My Privacy and highlights any key concerns about each individual App/Company.

These ratings are calculated using parameters that include Data from the Dark Web searches, Data Breaches, App Permissions, Security Certificates, Data Shares, and where possible, gives you the option to uninstall the App

For Apps with low Privacy Ratings, it will also recommend alternative Apps with better privacy ratings

Please note that the functionality differs slightly between Apple and Android phones due to software restrictions.

More Info
Coming Q4 2021

What Is My Phone Leaking?

Monitor hidden traffic being sent to 3rd parties via apps installed on your phone.

What Is My Phone Leaking? Is a service to monitor traffic so you can be aware of all the hidden traffic that is being sent to 3rd parties by apps installed on your phone.

This service will run for specified periods (24 hours) to give you a snapshot of your phone’s activity.


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We need to ensure that we’re acting on your behalf and that no-one else tries to impersonate you, to get a hold of your data.

Email Verification:  This is a must to secure your account.

Mobile Number: This will only be required when sending SAR’s requests to selected companies, such as Telcos.

Social Media Privacy and Security:  You are required to log into your accounts through the Protect My Privacy App, this acts as verification.

Photo ID Verification Identity: This will only be required if you want to view your actual passwords found by the Dark Web Search or send SAR’s requests to selected companies, such as Banks.

The Photo ID verification supports Nationally-issued Photo IDs from over 160 countries (passport, driving licence or national ID card).

Digital Signature: Some companies will require a digital signature to process your requests.

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Simple setup

From the get-go, choose how you want to use Protect My Privacy, from tightening your social media accounts, to utilising our full suite of services.

Protect My Privacy on-boarding has been streamlined to ensure you get the results as soon as possible.

Where certain features are not available in a particular jurisdiction, interest is recorded and we will inform you when this feature is available.

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